MSc in Integrative Ecosocial Design
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Richard Kühnel

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Dates (added 2007/5/30 D)
Some pages and documents have dates next to links, list items, drawings, paragraphs, etc. (see above), for example on the Resources page or Bibliography page. This date indicates when the particular entry, document, page, paragraph, drawing, photo, etc. was added. The letter next to it is an internal reference code (D = design, I1 = Implementation 1, I2 = Implementation 2, R = Final Review). To make this more easy to view also a specific background color based on the reference code (D = yellow, I1=green, I2=rust ) is used.

To view mind maps created in FreeMind in your browser, for example the design mind map, you need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed. For details on downloading this free software for Macs or PCs please see There you can also download FreeMind, an open source mind mapping software.
Please be patient - these are interactive graphical maps. When a map branch is extensive it takes a while until it gets displayed. Also, the first time you might see the Java Runtime Environment logo or a blank page for a while before it starts.

External, Internal
Links to external web sites are opening in a new window and we are not responsible for their content. Links to internal web pages are normally opening in the same window.
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Certain links, like the thumbnails on the photos and portfolio pages are opening a new window that allows to browse through the collection of images.

Mind Map:
The "Navigation" link uses a mind map to link to the main pages of the different outputs. In this version three levels are used: The central topic (orange) goes to the home page of the IESD project, the bluish/purple circles that are branching from the center (orange) link to the first page of the respective project pages, where existing, usually called "overview". The rounded corner rectangles, branching from the circles, link to each main page of their respective area. For the survey the links to "Tools", "Results" and "Output" all link to the same page.
The complete project mind map requires the Mindjet MindManager viewersoftware.
Top and Bottom:
The main parts of this section of the web site for my MSc in Integrative EcoSocial Design is divided into the different areas as seen in the top and bottom navigation menu.
If there is a "home" link it leads to the home of this web site, not to the home of the IESD section, which is actually called "Introduction". To get back from the home of the web site either use the browser's back button or go to projects and near the bottom click "MSc in Integrative EcoSocial Design".
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These are additional pages that are accessible right form there or through links throughout the site.
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Within each subsection (career, survey, etc.) above the title and below the last line are navigation bars that bring you to the next or previous page of the subsection, if there is one. Some pages have in this area only a back button.
Please be aware that when linking to pages within this website from a location different than the respective previous or next page, that show any of these three navigation buttons, that the do not link to the page that you reached them from but to the appropriate page within the section. Lets say there is a link in the review pages that links to a survey page that has a"previous" link, it is not returning to the page from the review section. To do that, please use the brwoser back button.

Slide Shows
If a slide show does not seem to work, please clear out your browser's cache and try again.

"We", "Our", etc.
In this portion of the website when "we, "our", etc. are used, I am talking about Berta and myself.

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