MSc in Integrative Ecosocial Design
Gaia University

Richard Kühnel

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University of salzburg exit transcripts, front side
University transcript

Since a while I have been wanting to learn, explore and increase my skill and knowledge in ecological design and Permaculture. For years I have been looking for a program that allows me the freedom of charting my own course, providing support and direction when needed and giving feedback to the results of my learning and progress.

Originally I found some programs I considered that were on the master's level. So in order to do a masters I researched the options in finishing my program in psychology I had started many years ago in Salzburg, Austria. First I had to get a undergraduate degree. After quite some effort and time I got all my credits transferred and approved by the University of Idaho and accepted in the psychology program. Interestingly enough, all the credits I was missing were not in psychology, but in lower level courses, like English 102 and some higher level courses in other areas. So I embarked on that journey and soon was stopped by an accident that made it nearly impossible to continue for about 3 months.

Once mostly recovered when I could do things on my own again, I found out about Gaia University and their program seemed to fit exactly what I was looking for. So I applied, got accepted right into the graduate level and I am now working towards my MSc in Integraticve EcoSocial Design.



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