Gentle Harvest
Richard Kühnel
208-255 2440

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It seems to me that there is a growing need for support, advice and help to create ways of living more sustainable that is more resource conserving, regenerating natural systems and socially fair and economic viable. There might be a lot of different motives to embark on this journey, which it is, but in essence it is the wish to live a life that is in tune with nature, at the same time has a high degree of comfort and restores our own and earth's health and vitality, with clean air, fresh water, vibrant environments and thriving communities. Looking at the tasks how to take steps into this direction can be overwhelming and support that takes a holistic approach is hard to find. This is where Gentle Harvest can help.

Gentle Harvest combines working with nature and people to establish systems that are a harmonious part of the bioregional ecology integrating the economic, social, personal and cultural aspects to support sustainable lifestyle choices.

  • Ecological review of site, project, business or activity
  • Permaculture Design for urban and rural sites, social systems or technology
  • Reviewing natural building and material options
  • Design Sketches, Drawings and Plans
  • Presentations and talks on sustainable living
  • Neighborhood meeting facilitation
  • Sustainable lifestyle coaching
  • Management for sustainable projects
  • Research for best practices, experts, methods, businesses, materials and resources

$50 per hour or project based

If you have any further questions please send an email to

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