Gentle Harvest
Richard Kühnel
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Here are some of the projects Gentle Harvest has been or currently is involved in:


  • Kuhnel Home
    A summary of the work done in 2007 on our small town residence and property in North Idaho in connection with working on my MSc degree in Ecosocial Design is given in the paragraph "Implementation I & II"
  • Bryant Home
    On this large suburban lot we held several short permaculture oriented classes, including growing mushrooms and site design.


  • Dancing Goat Farm
    At this small acreage homestead in the mountains we held two introductory permaculture design classes.
  • Windrush Farm
    Besides walking this small organic farm and discussing sustainable ways of market farming, we started a small chicken broiler operation to provide locally grown meat. Due to regulatory issues and the involved costs this was stopped after the first year.




  • Inland Northwest Eco-Center
    A short article about this center of sustainable living, which is currently not operating.
  • Sandpoint Transition Initiative
    A project started in February 2008 for creating a citizen initiative developing an energy descent plan for independence from fossil fuel and responding to climate change. Our mission is "Helping to create a sustainable, resilient and vibrant community".

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